Marketing Policy

Recently Government of Andhra Pradesh have brought out Marketing Policy, 2015 vide GOMs No. 27 dt: 6.6.2015. Following are the important feature of the Policy. · Policy initiatives a) Regulated Markets – Adopt Technology – Comprehensive Electronic Auction system. b) Established virtual Market – Linking of Various Regulated markets, Ware houses and cold Storages with assaying and grading facilities. · Increase competition – Simplification and Single Unified Licensing. Private Markets – Encouragement and promotion. · Quality standards for demand creation - Infrastructure, Capacity building and Awareness creation. · Empowering Farmers – Farmer Groups. · Market Development – Agril. Market information system, PPP, Linkages with secondary market and financial situations . · Contract Farming – Single Point registration and simplification of procedure. Infrastructure – Warehousing and logistic parks. Regulatory and legislative environment – review and amendments to the existing act.

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