In pursuance of the Assurance given by the Government before Hon’ble High Court regarding prevention of Calcium Carbide usage for early ripening of fruits, the Department has taken the following measures.

22 ripening chambers (Ethylene gas based) in functional fruit markets of Market Yards of this Department are under final stages of construction. All these ripening chambers will be ready before 15th April i.e. before mango harvesting season. These ripening chambers will be put into use for ripening of banana, mango and other fruits.

15 more cold chambers which are under final stages of completion are being converted into Ethylene chambers for ripening of different fruits. These converted ripening chambers will be available for usage by 15th April.

Publicity campaign has been launched in all functional fruit market yards (19 nos) and Rythu Bazars (80 nos) through Sign boards, Posters, Brochures, Handbills, Awareness camps and announcement in public addressing system.

All fruit traders associated with AMCs have been strictly advised not to use Calcium Carbide for ripening of fruits.

Vigilance Teams have been constituted for conducting frequent inspections to fruit markets and Rythu Bazars for ensuring non usage of Calcium Carbide for ripening.

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