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·        The Rythu Bazars were established in the year 1999.  The concept of Rythu Bazar was developed to facilitate direct marketing between consumers and farmers.

·        96 Rythu Bazars are functioning  in the State with temporary/ semi-permanent structures.

·        No service charges and no market fee is levied in Rythu Bazars.  Vegetable growers/farmers committee fix the selling price in Rythu Bazars.

·        Joint Collector is the Co-ordinating  officer of Rythu Bazars in the District.

·        Chief Executive Officer, Rythu Bazars will supervise, control and coordinate at State level.    

·        The main objective of Rythu Bazar is to ensure remunerative price to farmers and provide quality and fresh vegetables to consumers at reasonable rates.

·         Rythu Bazars provide direct interface between farmers and consumers eliminating intermediaries in trade.

·        Each Rythu Bazar has an Estate Officer with supporting staff. Supervisors/Security Guards.

·         Joint Collector is provided with a sum of Rs.5.00 lakhs as revolving     fund under the market intervention scheme to control the prices.

·         The Price Fixation of vegetables in Rythu Bazars shall be through a committee of farmers and the Estate Officer.

·        The prices generally   will be 25% above the wholesale rates and 25% less than the local retail prices.

·        Estate Officers have been instructed to implement prices on the display Boards.

·        Field officers have been instructed to pursue with  the respective Depot Managers of APSRTC to provide buses to Rythu Bazars.


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