S.NO  GO No. & Date   Abstract
1      GO No. 27 Dt:06-06-2015   Agricultural Marketing Policy 2015
2      GO No. 38 Dt:10-05-2016  Amendments to the Andhra Pradesh (Agricultural Produce & Live Stock) Markets Rules 1969
3      GO No. 143. Dt:19-02-2016   Trading of Subabul / Eucalyptus / Casuarina - introduction of new system
4      GO No. 775. Dt:02-11-2015   Procurement & Supply of Onions by A.P. Civil Supplies Corporation and supply to Rythu Bazars
5   GO No. 805. Dt:17-11-2015   Price Stablilisation Fund - Reconstitution of Managing Committee  
6   GO No. 806. Dt:17-11-2015   Price Stablilisation Fund - Release on deposit of the State Share Rs.50.00 Crores  
7   GO No. 807. Dt:17-11-2015   Constitution of State Level Committee for MSP Operations  
8   GO No. 825. Dt:20-11-2015   Procurement of Groundnut pod under Price Support Scheme - Release of funds Rs.5.00 Crores  
9   GO No. 179 Dt:05-03-2016   Market Intervention - Procurement of Onions and supply through Rythu Bazars at no loss no profit basis  
10   GO No. 241 Dt:30-03-2016   Price Stabilisation Fund - Settting up of the corpus fund account - Budget release order for Rs.50.00 Crores  




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