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e-Trading has been introduced in 10 Markets on 13.10.2015. e-NAM has been introduced in 12 markets under National Agricultural Market (NAM) with Agri Tech Infrastructure Fund Scheme (ATIF) with Financial assistance of Rs. 3.6 crores has been sanctioned from Govt. of India.The State government as a means to ensure transparent price discovery for farm produce, launched an online marketing system where in licensed traders from across the country would bid for the stocks. Under first phase, the system was launched in Hindupur, Kalyandurgam, Kurnool, Adoni, Emmiganuru, Kadapa, Guntur, Duggirala, Eluru and Anankapalle market committees. It was formally inaugurated by Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu here on Tuesday. Under the existing manual selling practice, a few traders and commission agents indulge in irregularities. For instance, many costs, including market fee, commission fee and other unauthorised deductions are made, resulting in a dent in the farmers’ profits. Further after the negotiations are completed, most traders and agents delay payments to farmers. To address all these issues, the government introduced the online marketing system. Under the system, a trader or a agent can bid for the stocks online and transfer the money directly into the farmers account directly through online banking. More importantly, when more traders participate in bidding, then farmers might get good price for their produce. In the present system, traders and agents usually collude and fix low price affecting the farmers’ prospects, Andhra Pradesh Agriculture Marketing Department authorities explained. Speaking on the occasion, the Chief Minister advised farmers to embrace technology and said it would help them in many ways, right from better yield to selling the produce efficiently. The online market system brings transparency and accountability. The government has successfully implemented the supply of commodities through E­POS system in fair price shops and likewise technological services would be introduced in all the departments in the coming days, he said. He appealed to farmers not to take any extreme steps in case of losses and suggested them to do away with conventional farming methods. Agriculture Minister P. Pulla Rao said the online marketing system would be introduced in another 40 market committees in the second phase and all the committees would be covered in the third phase.