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Government of ANDHRA PRADESH

Agricultural Marketing Department 

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ANANTAPUR anantapur Ground Nut Seed Ground Nut Seed Arrival:0 Quintals Min:5200 Max:5400 Modal:5300 ANANTAPUR anantapur Groundnut Local Arrival:0 Quintals Min:4000 Max:4200 Modal:4100 ANANTAPUR gooty Groundnut Local Arrival:1 Quintals Min:3600 Max:3800 Modal:3700 ANANTAPUR gooty Paddy Other Arrival:1 Quintals Min:1400 Max:1600 Modal:1500 ANANTAPUR guntakal Groundnut Local Arrival:1 Quintals Min:3600 Max:3800 Modal:3700 ANANTAPUR guntakal Bengal Grams Other Arrival:1 Quintals Min:2600 Max:2800 Modal:2700 ANANTAPUR rayadurg Tamarind Fruit Karpuli Ac Medium Arrival:0 Quintals Min:8300 Max:8500 Modal:8400 ANANTAPUR rayadurg Groundnut Local Arrival:0 Quintals Min:3800 Max:4000 Modal:3900 ANANTAPUR rayadurg Tamarind Fruit Non Ac Fine Arrival:0 Quintals Min:5000 Max:6600 Modal:6000 ANANTAPUR tadipatri Banana - Green Banana - Green Arrival:300 Quintals Min:500 Max:600 Modal:550 ANANTAPUR uravakonda Bengal Grams Gulabi Arrival:0 Quintals Min:2900 Max:3100 Modal:3000 ANANTAPUR uravakonda Groundnut TMV-2 Arrival:0 Quintals Min:3800 Max:4000 Modal:3900 CHITTOOR punganur Tomato Hybrid Arrival:350 Quintals Min:650 Max:690 Modal:666 CUDDAPAH mydukur Paddy Masuri Arrival:0 Quintals Min:1550 Max:1650 Modal:1600 CUDDAPAH mydukur Cotton Other Arrival:0 Quintals Min:4200 Max:4300 Modal:4250 CUDDAPAH mydukur Jowar White Arrival:0 Quintals Min:1300 Max:1400 Modal:1350 CUDDAPAH proddatur Paddy B P T Arrival:0 Quintals Min:1400 Max:1500 Modal:1450 CUDDAPAH proddatur Cotton MCU 5 Arrival:0 Quintals Min:4850 Max:5000 Modal:4950 CUDDAPAH proddatur Bengal Grams Other Arrival:0 Quintals Min:3100 Max:3200 Modal:3150 EAST GODAVARI tuni Gingelly Black Arrival:0 Quintals Min:7400 Max:7900 Modal:7700 EAST GODAVARI tuni Cashewnuts Local(Raw) Arrival:0 Quintals Min:7300 Max:7500 Modal:7400 EAST GODAVARI tuni Paddy Swarna Masuri (OLD) Arrival:0 Quintals Min:1350 Max:1400 Modal:1380 GUNTUR macharala Paddy B P T Arrival:1 Quintals Min:1350 Max:1450 Modal:1400 GUNTUR macharala Cotton Other Arrival:1 Quintals Min:4100 Max:4450 Modal:4300 KARIMNAGAR karimnagar Paddy I.R. 64 Arrival:0 Quintals Min:1345 Max:1345 Modal:1345 KURNOOL banaganapalli Bengal Grams Desi (Whole) Arrival:0 Quintals Min:2800 Max:3100 Modal:2950 KURNOOL banaganapalli Jowar Jowar ( White) Arrival:0 Quintals Min:1500 Max:1600 Modal:1550 KURNOOL banaganapalli Onion Local Arrival:0 Quintals Min:300 Max:450 Modal:375 KURNOOL banaganapalli Maize Local Arrival:0 Quintals Min:1100 Max:1300 Modal:1200 KURNOOL banaganapalli Cotton Mungari (Ginned) Arrival:0 Quintals Min:4000 Max:5000 Modal:4500 KURNOOL banaganapalli Paddy Sona Mahsuri Arrival:0 Quintals Min:1300 Max:1600 Modal:1450 KURNOOL koilakuntla Paddy B P T Arrival:0 Quintals Min:1300 Max:1500 Modal:1400 KURNOOL koilakuntla Bengal Grams Desi (Whole) Arrival:0 Quintals Min:2700 Max:2900 Modal:2800 KURNOOL koilakuntla Jowar Jowar ( White) Arrival:0 Quintals Min:1500 Max:1500 Modal:1500 KURNOOL nandikotkur Bengal Grams Gulabi Arrival:1 Quintals Min:2500 Max:3000 Modal:2800 KURNOOL nandikotkur Maize Hybrid Arrival:1 Quintals Min:1150 Max:1300 Modal:1250 KURNOOL nandikotkur Sunflower Hybrid Arrival:1 Quintals Min:2600 Max:3200 Modal:2800 KURNOOL nandikotkur Paddy Sona Arrival:1 Quintals Min:1500 Max:1650 Modal:1600 KURNOOL yemmiganur Castor Seed Castor seed Arrival:59 Quintals Min:3071 Max:3465 Modal:3389 KURNOOL yemmiganur Bengal Grams Desi (Whole) Arrival:129 Quintals Min:2501 Max:2789 Modal:2600 KURNOOL yemmiganur Red Grams Local Arrival:28 Quintals Min:3300 Max:3675 Modal:3411 KURNOOL yemmiganur Maize Local Arrival:368 Quintals Min:956 Max:1150 Modal:1058 KURNOOL yemmiganur Sunflower Sunflower Arrival:18 Quintals Min:3011 Max:3172 Modal:3031 KURNOOL yemmiganur Groundnut TMV-2 Arrival:2406 Quintals Min:2961 Max:3560 Modal:3390 MAHABUBNAGAR wanaparthy town Paddy Hamsa Arrival:879 Quintals Min:1130 Max:1269 Modal:1229 MAHABUBNAGAR wanaparthy town Maize Local Arrival:26 Quintals Min:1185 Max:1185 Modal:1185 MAHABUBNAGAR wanaparthy town Groundnut Local Arrival:100 Quintals Min:2890 Max:3486 Modal:3390 NALGONDA nakrekal Paddy MTU-1010 Arrival:0 Quintals Min:1345 Max:1345 Modal:1345 NIZAMABAD bichkonda Cotton Savita Arrival:0 Quintals Min:4650 Max:4650 Modal:4650 NIZAMABAD madnoor Cotton Savita Arrival:0 Quintals Min:4650 Max:4650 Modal:4650 POTTI SRIRAMULU NELLORE sullurpet Paddy MTU-1010 Arrival:1 Quintals Min:1310 Max:1400 Modal:1345 SRIKAKULAM kanchili Jack Fruit Jack Fruit Arrival:320 Quintals Min:300 Max:500 Modal:375 SRIKAKULAM ponduru Paddy Paddy Arrival:0 Quintals Min:1310 Max:1345 Modal:1330 SRIKAKULAM rajam Paddy Paddy Arrival:170 Quintals Min:1310 Max:1345 Modal:1330 VISAKHAPATNAM chintapally Cashewnuts Local(Raw) Arrival:0 Quintals Min:6500 Max:7000 Modal:6800 WEST GODAVARI attili Paddy Other Arrival:0 Quintals Min:1310 Max:1360 Modal:1335 WEST GODAVARI bhimadole Paddy MTU-1010 Arrival:0 Quintals Min:1300 Max:1350 Modal:1320 WEST GODAVARI penugonda Coconut Coconut Arrival:1 per thousand Min:4000 Max:4500 Modal:4300 WEST GODAVARI penugonda Paddy Other Arrival:1 Quintals Min:1340 Max:1360 Modal:1350
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Prices in Rs per Quintal

Comm. Min Price Max Price
Paddy 1130 1650
Maize 956 1300
Jowar 1300 1600
Bengal Grams 2500 3200
Red Grams 3300 3675
Groundnut 2890 4200
Sunflower 2600 3200
Cotton 4000 5000
Onion 300 450
Cashewnuts 6500 7500
Tomato 650 690
Banana - Green 500 600
Gingelly 7400 7900
Castor Seed 3071 3465
Coconut 4000 4500
Jack Fruit 300 500
Tamarind Fruit 5000 8500
Ground Nut Seed 5200 5400

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