A joint review of the agriculture sector of Andhra Pradesh on 31st July 2007 at Hyderabad by the Hon’ble Agriculture Minister Hon’ble Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, Deputy Chairman and Member, Planning Commission identified the key thrust areas for the rejuvenation of the sector in the State to achieve the objectives set forth in the NDC resolution of the 29th May 2007. While reaffirming the commitment of the State to achieve 4 percent annual growth in agriculture sector in the State during the Xth plan period. The following was resolved.


1)     Formally launch the National Food Security Mission in the State commencing the Prime Minister’s visit to achieve additional production of 30 lakh tones of rice 3.5 lakh tones of pulses; and 5 lakh tonnes of oilseeds besides increasing the production of oilpalm production very substantially.

2)     Ensure expenditure above the baseline expenditure in agriculture and allied sector and prepare District Agriculture Plans; aggregate them into a Stat Agriculture plan in the next three months; and also formulate schemes/projects programmes along with the Detailed Project Reports for agriculture and allied sector to avail of additional central assistance under the new scheme of ACA. Efforts would be made to utilize the resources available from all existing schemes such as BRGF. NRGE. And include livestock and fishing and be integrated with minor irrigation projects. Rural development works and with the other schemes for water harvesting and conservation efforts would also be made to include schemes for beneficiaries of land reforms.

3)     Endeavour to achieve additional milk production of 32 lakh tonnes, meat production of 3 lakh tonnes, egg production of 500 crores numbers and inland fish production of 16 lakh tonnes in the livestock and the fisheries sector during the XI plan through substantial investments in better health care for animals, creation of better market facilities, increased production of fodder and more improved scientific practices for fish production and also more investment in education research and laboratory facilities in the related fields.

4)     Make further efforts to establish post-harvest management infrastructure and marketing facilities for horticulture produce. Achieve financial closure on the Public private partnership initiatives for the Terminal Marketing complexes at Hyderabad. Tirupathi and Visakahapatnam by March, 2008; prepare project proposal of about Rs. 4.00 crore by September 2007 for appraisal by the World Bank under the Multi-State Agricultural Competitiveness Project (MACP).

5)     Strengthen agriculture extension in the state by expediting implementation of the ATMA programme, improve reach through dedicated manpower; harnessing synergy of public and private sector, strengthening research ,extension farmer linkages through the new extension model proposed by the state.